Tuesday, December 15, 2020

2020 12


Really warm this morning then after goofing off and awake from a nap.. I went outside.

All you goofy sentimental people got your wish.. snow for Christmas.

Kookie is not one of those silly pups that fetch, she helps get the mail and hops around like a rabbit and tries to make you catch her .. )

 2020 was gonna be my happy year to do things and finish a video. My free storage on Google is about up and I made it to December.

Had to give Mario and friends a ride in town so figured I would do the Kroger thing. Probably won't need anything more this year.

I had a couple large prints made... was gonna make a couple for pals but you need their address n phone number to ship it.. so.

After dropping Mario off I took Kookie to Mt. P. ... passed 3 people on the trail up and down but didn't get close.

It was cold n the wind blowing my hair n my face so I took another to paste with Kookie on the rail .

The best shot I got of me was sitting in back of the Kookie Mobile but she was just a couple feet back and the light did not bring her features out.. me being light anyway reflects the light a bit better.

Need a hair cut again, guess I will do it myself. 

I used to be an Ironworker and sat up on beams putting bolts in holes in the cold. I miss lots of things from days gone by but am glad the freezing is no more :)


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

2020 11


Not encountering humans I usually don't bother don't put any clothes on and I was in a pre-nap, nap when Kookie was barking at the door.
An unknown man at the door.. who brought this photo of us at the fire tower, said I used the timer and did this pic in my dark room. Said I got him into weight lifting, let em use my Challenger to take his girl friend to the prom.

The pic is sharper than this and still great. I guessed my old dark room pics would bleach out but not the case :)

Not on facebook, I should have given him my email address.

After people leave, I am full of things I thought to talk about.

Worked with an oil company b4 he retired so I did this pic

It looks like the time of year when the angles brush the dandruff out of their hair.
No importance to me personally, but I like snow because it makes people happy and they take photos of it.


Thoughts about photos.

I have made lots of mistakes. The film days were the worst.
Doing a pic of a bride and groom.. it was perfect.. ugh no, I did not notice my shadow from a light behind me on the girls white wedding dress.

I did a 16x20 of a school teacher's parents in Sugar Grove. When it came there was a mosquito on the man's head.

A photographer girl (Judy Morehead??? cant remember for sure) She air brushed the photos.
Now with digital pics, most people use PhotoShop, but you never own it, you rent it.

Paint Shop does all those things and you can own it for less than $100.
Since digital I have not had prints made but after a hard drive crash, I think I might have an enlargement made.

Most of the pics I get to take on Mt. P. are recordings of friend, loves, families and pups but sometimes I get a super shot.

If you want the high resolution pic to have a print made, I can send it to a photo department.


I first had to go to the eye doc n then get a perscription n only had the old camera to take some pics but went home got the a65 and came back n got these.. glad I did
The calm before the Kookie attack 

The first pups I asked were these guys. They knew me because I took pics of their graduation .. might still have them if you didn't copy em #risingpark

Ask these guys to walk the bands. My shadow was in the way so I got em to go to the other end n come toward me. I shot 10 pics per sec and picked this one #risingpark'

Just before sunset, the sun gives a golden glow.. Making sure my shadow didn't fall on em #risingpark

These pals were sitting on the rock n I asked em for a shot. There are pals just like this whos pic I took years ago and they still have em on their phones #risingpark

I took the tripod was gonna get a shot of me n Kookie on one last super days. Before I could get it right I was tempted to ask some other people for a pic.
Here the sun flare got me. To repair it I would have to mask me n Kookie, tone balance.. contrast n work on the sky... ugh any way, it is a time stamp in the hour glass

I was going to hide some pirate treasure but got so busy I forgot about it.  #risingpark

This one came out better than I first thought.. later Kookie wrestled her :) #risingpark

These guys wanted a good shot I told em the sky would be much better but they must of had to go. If they look at other pics I took later they will see the cool sky in the background #risingpark

Kookie attacking for pets and holds her victims in a bear hug #risingpark

Lots of people come up and wander around together. I like to record it for em :) #risingpark

The sky was getting just right and these guys came by. I didn't need to adjust anything .. just right #risingpark

A facebook pal came up n I got to take her pic n she brought her pal #risingpark

This girl wanted to do some yoga pics but it was dark n really couldn't do anything with out flash #risingpark

Fun day .. but just did part of my work out... I did get to take a posed pic.. wished the lighting was right, I don't know much about yoga poses #risingpark


I got another great pic. After dark you really cant see the ground and I like em to come up above so the rail is not in the background. I love fill in flash.. sometimes I have to goof with settings but this one was great :)


Below before I went home n got the good camera

Had to go to get something from the pill store and only had my old 7mp camera but being in town I asked some park dwellers for a couple pics.. then went home n got the good camera you will see the difference.
Pics below, Kookie pulling the leash n the afternoon.. not the best.


Been so nice I haven't put the top on the Jeep for the season :)

Missing the sunsets by minutes I have decided if it is a clear day, after the sun goes down the sky will morph between a golden orange to blue and it is a great background for people pics :)


The resolution probably reduced too much to see it in some social media but this is the typical setup.

Some times a few flee from the stranger with the camera, sometimes they play nice n some times they ask you to take pics.. even offer to pay.. like going to a dance you never know what to expect :)


First I got a shot of two of em goofing off then I asked to get all of their bunch. Some of the pics of groups I took years ago are kept and still on their cameras #risingpark

I couldnt see what was going on, thought it was an engagement but just goofing off.. I think #risingpark

I saw a couple pals sitting n took a candid shot n told em so they could copy it. Some times I see a couple girls n often think I should introduce em like we were old friends .. fun thoughts #risingpark

Just did a candid shot of these guys n then told em. A lot of times I ask em to turn so their faces are seen but these shots tell a story repeated over n over #risingpark


I didn't get to adjust this one to make the sky red. The bugs were bugging this guy... Hope they find it.. maybe some pshop if I figure it out. :)

One of my favorite shots are people who bring their pups up n hang out to watch the sunset. I took 3 of these guys n liked this one the bestus #risingpark

-1.3 EV makes the colors pop. Flash is daylight temperature  (62 k) flash has no effect at the background.. too far away but brings out faces. 

When they have big dogs I like em to kneel down beside em but when it is a little dog.. pick em up.

Little family pic on the magic mountain :)



First day me n Kookie made it this month. What I post in Instagram, the resolution is reduced a bunch and it is hard for me to type on a tablet. To get the full scoop go here 


Goofed off too long and saw the sun sinking going into town.. No time to say hello good bye, I was late. late late

Hurrying up the trail I first did a candid of these guys n forgot to tell em.. so they might never find it.. hope they do.

Saw these guys sitting just like this and asked em to do a candid.. like they were #risingpark

After the candid shot I had em turn a bit to see their faces.. not much room to get back on that rock, but got a pretty good shot. #risingpark

I saw these guys and I know lots of people make a one time trip up here and never get a good pic of their group n so ... #risingpark

These guys were in a hammock n I asked me to do a pic with the city in the back ground.. a ghosty fog covered the city #risingpark

On the way down.. this girl made my day. I asked to do a pic and she reminded me I had taking her pic before.

Sooo much easier if people kind of know me.. not afraid of the stranger with the goofy dog :) #risingpark

My hard drive crashed and I have to learn how to use paint shop. My old program does not work on windows 10 

I wanted to get a pretty good shot. I don't have the  highlight setting figured out but a cute girl with a braided pig tail .. The Viking girl look :) #risingpark

On the way down I looked back and saw a cool Shallotte. Hope she finds it :) #risingpark

Trying to figure the new editing program out with a composite, I darkened her so by contrast she didn't look like Casper the ghost.

Another fun thing she is into photography a bit and I told her about Rita n my sister going to The Grand Canyon when they were alive.. all those pics no one took a second look at but if there are people, pets they might be viewed over n over.

As we take photos and get some great ones, lots of people in social media will rave on about them... then they scroll down to be lost in the abyss.

Last week I drove over to Forest Rose Cemetery and got a super photo of Mt. P.

It is high resolution and would make a great enlargement. Any one wanting original pics I have taken before they vanish, let me know. 

I have almost reached my 15 gig on Google and would have to pay for more space.. but I have made it to 2020 n am not so froggy any more..   


I was gonna ask someone to take a pic of me n Kookie on top but forgot, so I took a selfie in my studio (bathroom) and pasted it with the pic I took of Kookie.

I put the rising park shirt on Kookie, it was her turn to wear it :)
I saw Christine .. fb pal going up the trail n after a few steps I thought about asking for a pic.. but n a big hurry 



Haven't been to the park this month but...

Through the years I have met lots of strangers and they vanish. Most of the time I forget and once n a while people will stop me at a store or gas station and remind me I took their pic.
I have had people angry at me for taking pics, most just let me play photographer but a few stick.

Lonely girls, that pop up a couple years later with a baby or two.

The magic of using fill in flash n daylight :)

In my photo safaris the people that I like best are the ones that make over my pups ..
I have been invited to parties, church, bars.. a couple weddings but just went to one I could take my Pup.
These guys had an outdoor wedding at Ash Cave. Me n PuppyDog went up the trail on a perch and took some long shots at their wedding. (20 minutes long... gotta be tough to watch it)

Some move far away but I get a glimpse through social media.